Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day

Thought I'd wander toward Other Music this morning to see what was to be seen, and dis is what I saw:

A line around the corner at a record store made me wistful for the days of camping out for tickets, and also wistful for a time when not everybody knew everything instantly and acted as one cell in the hive mind. That's indie rock for you. So I wandered over to the newish location of what used to be known as the other big store in the Easterly Village, and not only was there no crowd whatsoever at Kim's, clerks who'd never even acknowledged my existence before were downright regular and friendly. The Moby Grape 7-inch? Why yes, it's right over there and we have plenty, well thank you. Oh, is that the new Fall record over the p.a., why yes it is, isn't it good, well yes it is! Picked up a few other specials of the day but decided to save most of my cash for whatever the Jooklo Duo is selling tonight.

On the way to Kim's I saw perhaps the truest expression of record-store-ism when I passed Rockit Scientist — still closed on Record Store Day, almost an hour after their posted opening time. What's more record-nerdy than being late?