Saturday, November 1, 2008

This just in: Phils win the World Series

So, your correspondents* went to the World Series last weekend…and then again last week.

After a good long soaking complemented by machete winds, Saturday's game 3 got ready to start; killer seats down the first-base line, which is nice, cause your correspondents were to be there till well into Sunday.

Les broheims: the fixer and the doctor (in training).

Severin gets most-traveled-correspondent award; seen here dealing with the pre-game rain, and such. Note: actual bloody field that World Series soon to be played on, background.

Your correspondents had some time to kill Sunday, so we went to the Eagles-Falcons game, with (again) great seats, surrounded by the Philadelphia area's most attractive and well-read sports fans. Guess what about pro football? It's even more boring in person than it is on TV. Despite the threatening-looking formation above, yr. corresps. can tell you this next play was probably another run up the middle for a gain of about 2. They pretty much all are. Go Eagles.

Transportation from the thrillride Eagles game to the Bank is tricky, but Jeff seems to have it sorted.

For game 4, later to be known as "the one without the rain," yr. corresps. had pretty good seats. In addition to the pretty good seats themselves, we had a heated room, a TV, free drinks and food (pictured: salad, foreground left); we could hear everything the fans yelled at Bud Selig.

J.C. Romero getting it done in game 4.

Jeff in his Mike Schmidt jersey, in front of a painting of Mike Schmidt, which hangs in a concourse with carpeting, heat (really, it was damn cold), and memorabilia from the Phils' countless past World Series appearances.

Yr. corresps. went back for game 5 part II. As if there were another option.

That white speck toward the left is (cue horns) Brad Lidge coming in to finish off the World Series. A massively dramatic moment, in miniature.

Brad Lidge subsequently finishing off the World Series. I know the postseason isn't factored in, but explain again to yr. corresps. why he isn't going to win Cy Young?

Your correspondents have no idea why this one's blurry.

Apparently Fox's cameras are better than yr. corresps'. But does their suite have a TV like this? It does? Oh.

Joy in Mudville.

Victorino on the big board, which says it all: Phillies Coca-Cola CHAMPS Toyota etc.

Hey, this guy's sign is right!

Victory lap.

Next to 30th Street Station.

*: Here's to DFW.